Bandit Bowls 2023/24

This is the new site of the Winter Series Bowling run by Jamie brookes that used to be on the North Shropshire Parks Website.

Bandit Bowls. 2023-2024 winter series.
To be run on available Saturdays & Sundays throughout the winter
Saturdays are as in the original winter series format. 09:00. 13up. Handicapped. Round robin (minimum of 3 games). With group winners & best ofs going into knockouts down to a final winner. £12 entry (£5 x daily payout. £1 x host club. £1 x Bandit Bowls. £5 x finals day). Weekly group & k/o points building into season table.
Finals day x Saturday March 23rd 2024.
Sundays are the same as in recent previous seasons/years
13up. Handicapped. £7. Round robin (minimum of 3 games). Weekly group points building into season table.
Consolation finals day x March 17th 2024.
Eligibility is for anyone from positions 41+ as of March 11th 2024 who have paid into 10 separate weeks (but must have played in 5.......but can buy in @ £7 per week).
Main Finals day x March 24th 2024. Top 40 + last 8 of consolation.
Sunday sessions x 32 per session (numbers permitting)
Session 1: 09:00-12:15.
Session 2: 12:15-15:30.
Session 3: 15:30-??:??
Entrants need to be there at least 20 mins prior/early so as to be running to time
Please advise of preferred sessions but be aware that I can’t guarantee a timing dependent on the popularity.
Remember to give me 3 song choices for the playlist.
Positions are based off the following criteria
Total points/chalks scored
Head to head
Better aggregate
3 end playoff (ends won or 1st to win 2 ends). If it's level after 2 ends then the winner of a toin toss decides who has the jack for the last end.
The highest division you play is your handicap
0 x County/Premier
1 x Div 1
2 x Div 2
3 x Div 3
4 x Div 4
5 x Div 5+

Points scored
25 x 1st
15 x 2nd
10 x 3rd
05 x 4th
05 x 5th
25 x winner
20 x runner up
15 x semi
10 x quarters
05 x R16
The winter series is run on a competitive but social understanding and is open to any bowler but please be aware I, alone, will decide who I allow to play.
If any club/venue is interested in hosting please contact me.
Preferably contact me via WhatsApp, text or messenger
Let’s enjoy the winter season and thank you for your continued support.