Ellesmere Port Bowling League 2024


 Allen Jones Tony Edwards Mark Jones Phil Flinn Paul Lewis

Proposals for 2020 season.


1-3 from Bromborough Social

4-5 from Ledsham Royal

6-10 from League Secretary

11- 13 from Woodlands

1. Either adopt team handicaps for both Wednesday & Friday or drop handicaps altogether.
2. Despite the fact singles are preferable to the vets format, we believe the trial of the vets format for one season has been a real success cutting down the number of walkovers on a Friday evening from 34 in 2018 to 0 (zero) in 2019, and should therefore be adopted on a permanent basis.
3. Keep pairs games to 15 points on Friday evening because of the night's drawing in in September & October.
4. For the Friday League to drop individual handicaps in favour of an overall team handicap, handicaps to be set by league committee.
5. For no team with a handicap start in the MidWeek and Friday Leagues to be able to score more than the maximum 210/171 chalks.
 6. Introduce £5.00 fine for non-attendance at AGM.
7. For evening league games, jacks must be yellow.
6. Amend prize money percentages for evening leagues, whilst they are each one division.
1st 25%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 15%, 4th 12.5%, 5th 10%, 6th 7.5 %, 7th & 8th 5% each.
8. Include Bank Holidays in dates for playing. 
9. Remove catch up dates from middle of season. 
10. Vets leagues to adopt the extra points for aggregate win, trialed last season.
11. Minimum number of players to be used in Vets League and Friday league, to be 7.
12. Vets League and Friday league, to commence play with the 3 pairs games, followed by the 6 singles.
13. Friday league to have no handicaps.
14. Friday league to have team handicaps.

So far I have had one request to join the Veterans league, to be confirmed. This has now been withdrawn for next season.

Parkstone Vets are moving to the Lever Club in Port Sunlight.

Harrison Park are entering a 3rd team. 

Capenhurst are dropping out of the Vets league. 


Proposals for 2019 season  

1. Brom Social -  The trial of having just one league on a Friday evening has, in our opinion, been a real success giving teams 5 more games to play over the course of the season & therefore propose that the format is adopted permanently. (handicaps to be revised in accordance with league position)




2. Brom social -  Adopt the the "one league" format for the Wednesday evening giving each team 5 more games to play over the course of the season.




3.  Brom Social - Because of the amount of "walkover" games (not) played last season, trial the vets format (6 singles & 3 pairs) for one season on a Friday or Wednesday evening, teams will be able to compete with as few as 6 players or as many as 12 players  getting a game, this will:


            1.   Enable teams who are struggling to get numbers of players to compete without walkovers.


            2.   Do away with the need to organise pairs matches.


            3.   Perhaps keep the league going a bit longer.


(Obviously the vets format should not be abused & that all available players should get a game & not just the 6 best players). -