Mid Cheshire Bowling League 2024

Chairman Secretary Treasurer
Mr Mark Winnington Mr Gary Spencer Mrs Helen Brewin
winnington91@gmail.com spencergary7@gmail.com helen@pgstraining.com   
Mobile: 07808 462314  Mobile: 07958 495413   Mobile: 07912 514183   
 Deputy Chairman League Fixtures Secretary Competition Secretary
 Mr Alan Chantler
Mr David Jones Mr Andy Gregory
alanchantler@live.co.uk  davej5059@gmail.com andygreg73@hotmail.com 
 Mobile : 07920 280473 Mobile: 07882 730823 Mobile: 07498 743489 


Dear Members




The Annual General Meeting of the Mid Cheshire bowling league will be held at Owley Wood S.C on


Friday 13th January 2023, at 7.30pm.






  1. Chairmans welcome and address
  2. Presentation of Awards
    1. Individual Awards – Averages
    2. Best Kept Green – Wharton Rec




  1. Draw for the Large TV (All clubs except previous winners Lostock, Middlewich CC, Sandbach Park, Crewe PO, Rudheath) & Small TV presentation Section 2 league average winner, Craig Jones, Middlewich CC (on a rotation basis to different div each year)
  2. Minutes of the 2022 AGM (Copy attached)
  3. Matters arising from minutes
  4. Correspondence
  5. Secretary’s report
  6. Treasurers/Auditors report (Summary sent via email)
  7. League results Secretary’s report
  8. Competition Secretary’s report
  9. Chairman’s report
  10. CCBA representative report
  11. Election of officers and Special council
  12. Applications and resignations
  13. Notice of Motions (see below)
  14. Competitions 2023 proposal discussion (Not for voting)
  15. Announcements (Clubs & Secretaries)






ITEM 13 (Election of Officers and Special Council)




Resignations from Committee and Special Council




Chairman – Ray Brandreth


Competition Secretary – Gary Spencer


Special Council – Dennis Leather, Vernon Slater




Nominations 2023




The following are nominated by the special council to be elected for 2023




CHAIRMAN Mark Winnington


DEPUTY CHAIRMAN Nominations Invited


SECRETARY  Nominations Invited


TREASURER Helen Brewin




COMPETITION SECRETARY Andy Gregory (Application received for role)






SPECIAL COUNCIL MEMBERS; Existing for re-election :  Kevin Edwards, Peter Kelly, Dave Wilding, Mark Winnington


New nominations : Andy Houghton – Castle Sports; Ray Brandreth – Lostock; Alan Chantler – Owley Wood




LIFE MEMBERS; Stewart Bailey, Ray Plant, Tommy Ratcliffe, Derek Blackburn.


WEB SITE MANAGER: Gary Spencer & Dave Jones




ITEM 14 (Club/Team Resignations & Applications)


Notification of withdrawal of affiliation to be on or before the date of the meeting otherwise clubs will be accountable for subscriptions and match fees etc for the coming season


Resignations:-  None


Applications:- Castle Sports E, Owley Wood D, Moulton B, Meadowbank B (To be confirmed at AGM)




15.         Notice of Motions




  1. MATCH RULE 2.1 – Delete the reference to 12 players for Premier Division.


New Wording to read:  That Home and Away matches for all divisions to be 10 players a side and games of 21 up to be played.


The remainder of the rule to remain unchanged.


Proposed by : Shavington BC      Seconded by : Alsager BC




This motion will be voted on by Teams in Premier Div only for 2023 (1 Vote per Team) i.e. Castle A & B, Wharton Cons A, Red Lion A, Crewe PO, Alsager, Rudheath A, Middlewich CC, Comberbach A, Owley Wood A, Shavington A, Meadowbank.




If the vote is drawn the rule remains the same.




  1. MATCH RULE 2.3 – Averages


Replace in sentence 2 “by subtracting a players total against from the chalks for” and replace with


“by dividing total points for by total games played”


e.g. Total points maybe 410 from 20 games played so average would be 410/20 = 20.5




Reasoning : A player who drops the least points in a season in their matches should be deemed the average winner.




Proposed by : Management Council






16.         Announcements, change of club secretary, telephone, contact address etc.




              Change of Club Secretaries received as follows:


              Alsager BC – Bev and Tony Chesters


Barnton Cricket Club – Paul Lightfoot


Shavington BC – Alex Hassall


Wharton Rec – John Egerton




              Any others to be noted for 2023