Wednesday Ladies League 2023

Chair Secretary Treasurer
Christine Blake Sue Roberts  Dusia Price 


Fixtures and Registration
Judy Hughes



Welcome to the Ladies Wednesday Bowling League results site


Important Dates:


Mon 29th Jan 2024 10:30


AGM  at Rhyl Bowling Club. Captains or representative only to vote.



Latest information:


Tue 7th Nov


1. Please consider the proposals below from Highbury Ladies and tell your captain how you would like her to vote regarding these proposals at the AGM.

Thank you


Highbury ladies would like to propose for the 2024 AGM that there is a 10 minute break between the first 4 matches and the second 4 matches. This is because some teams do not have enough players to mark cards, do the tapes and serve drinks. We understand that some of the ladies play at night and say they don’t have time to get to their next fixture, but so do ours. They even manage to get to Wrexham in plenty of time to play. Also match results should be put on the website a.s.a.p after the match is finished.


We also propose that cards are numbered home and away, not just the home team. This will enable captains to position their players to accommodate any appointments that might arise.


Also, on finals day there should be 2 players per team represented in both the singles and pairs.


Proposed by Highbury

Seconded by Rhuddlan


2. Please read the updated rules for the Ladies Wednesday league to be ratified at the AGM and pass on any comments to your captain to forward to the fixture secretary.

Thank you


  1. TITLE:  The League to be known as “Ladies Wednesday League”.
  2. OBJECT:  To foster and encourage the game of Bowls as played under the rules of the British Crown Green Bowling Association as further exemplified in the Rules of the Welsh Crown Green Bowling Association.
  3. LEAGUE:  The League shall consist of two divisions, A and B and a maximum of 12 teams in each division.
  4. MANAGEMENT: Government of the league shall be under the jurisdiction of the Management Committee, consisting of Secretary, Treasurer, fixture secretary and one elected member from each club to include the Chairman. If the elected club member is unable to attend a meeting, a substitute can attend and vote.   The Management Committee shall have powers to apply and act upon and enforce the Rules of the League and shall also have jurisdiction over all matters affecting the League, including any not provided for by the Rules.  Five members to form a quorum. 
  5. THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING:  The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held in January each year, at which shall be received and confirmed all reports on the activities of the previous season and all League officials for the ensuring twelve months elected.  At least 14 days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be sent by the secretary to all clubs in membership with statement of accounts and the agenda of the business to be transacted at the meeting. Any notices of motion must be received by the secretary at least 28 days before the AGM.
  6. A Pre-Season Meeting shall be held in February to deal with any business that may have arisen following the A.G.M. other than changes to the rules, and to approve fixtures for the season and to approve fixture lists for the coming season if the fixture secretary is able to enter fixtures for the year on the website.
  7. CLUB SUBSCRIPTION: The annual subscription for each team entered is £36 payable by 30th June each year.
  8. REGISTERED PLAYERS:  All registered players must be fully paid-up members of their respective clubs and will be allowed to play for only one team in the league. No transfers will be permitted during the season. A player wishing to enter the Pairs competition must have played at least one league games before the list is returned to the Fixture Secretary.
  9. REGISTRATION:  The name and BCGBA number of each registered player must be submitted to the fixture/registration secretary for each team.  This can either be by each Captain or their deputy at the AGM or soon after by email AT LEAST SEVEN DAYS before the commencement date of the season.  Further registrations can be made via email or in writing, up to the closing date (20th June).  Two days must elapse between notification and the use of such players.  After 30th June no registration or cancellation of registration will be accepted.  There will be a fine for playing an unregistered player, 21- 0 to opponent, 21-11 for averages. 
  10. LEAGUE MATCHES: All games to be played on Wednesday afternoon.  All matches shall commence at 2.00pm.  Each team will consist of 8 players, Games 21 up.  The visiting team with the exception of their captain shall be allowed exclusive use of the green for fifteen minutes prior to the time fixed for the commencement of each match.  The visiting captain to be allowed fifteen minutes practice any time she wishes in the hour preceding the commencement of the match.  No practice to be allowed once the match has started.
  11. POSTPONEMENTS AND RE-ARRANGEMENTS: Postponements due to the weather or a bereavement, shall be agreed between the two captains. In the event of a non-agreement the home captain has the final decision. Permission to postpone for whatever reason must be sought from the fixture secretary, who will then discuss the grounds with the elected officials. If the club, or club concerned do not accept the decision taken, they have the right to ask the secretary to call a special meeting of the emergency committee, which shall consist of the elected officials and two nominated committee members. The decision taken at that meeting of that committee shall be final and obeyed by the club or clubs concerned. Notice of any postponement or re-arranged match must be given to the fixture secretary.
  12. ABANDONMENTS:  In the event of abandonment through inclement weather every effort should be made to ensure that games in progress are completed before the match is halted.  When the teams meet to complete the fixture, a fresh draw will be made by the captains, for all the games that were not started. In the event of one player from an incomplete game being absent on the re-arranged date, and her opponent being present, she will be credited with a win.  The absent player will retain her score at the time the match was adjourned.  If both players being absent their game should be declared void, and two substituted players will be entered in with those matches which are redrawn.  Unfinished and postponed matches must be completed within fourteen days of the original dates.
  13. RECORDING MATCH RESULTS:  The match results shall be recorded, on the computer programme, by a member of the HOME team and to be entered as soon as possible after the match.  The match result to be agreed and kept by both captains in case of dispute. The results of league matches shall be on a point basis, namely one point for every individual game won and two points for team winning the match on aggregate and one points each team if the match is drawn on aggregate.  In the event of a tie in points, in the final table, the team with the best aggregate shall be deemed the top club.
  14. MARKING AND MEASURING:  Officials of each club shall arrange for markers to sit together and mark the game.  Markers shall compare the score every three        ends and in the event of a dispute the players shall revert to the last agreed score.  All measuring to be done by one representative from each team.
  15. LEAGUE PRIZES: The team winning division A will be awarded the Jenny Bewley Cup, the winners of the B division will be awarded the Mary Hancock cup. The merit competition at the end of the year will be hosted by the chair’s club. It will be a play off between the top players from each team, a trophy will be given to the winner and the runner up.
  16. ALTERATION OF RULES: The rules are binding to all clubs and members and changes can only be considered and voted on at the AGM. Any propositions fop amendments must be sent by clubs, seconded by another club, in writing, to the League Secretary, at least 28 days prior to the AGM, so that drafts can be circulated to all the clubs not less than 14 days before the AGM. Voting shall be decided by a secret ballot by a simple majority of the captains or representative present at the meeting. The chair will have the casting vote in the event of a tie. Each club will be allowed one vote. Any dispute as to the intent and meaning of these rules shall be decided by the committee.




  1. FOOTWEAR:  Hard or block heeled shoes must not be worn by players or officials on the green. Open-toed sandals/shoes are not permitted.
  2. DRESS:  At all times players and officials must be suitably dressed, that is wear a shirt, T/shirt, blouse, or other suitable garment.  On Pairs and Merits Day all players must conform to the BCGBA dress code.
  3. SAFEGUARDING:  All clubs must have in place a relevant safeguarding policy. The club must prominently display the Safeguarding Officer, who has an up to date DBS certificate and is registered with the Glyndwr Area Safeguarding Officer.