Bebington & District Bowling League 2015

George ONeill Trophy 2015

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Final Round Held on Sat May 23rd 2015
1Ledsham Royal7250ThingwallAtAlbany

Semi Final Round Held on Sat May 23rd 2015
2Ledsham Royal6040TixallAtAlbany

Quarters Round Held on Tue Apr 21st 2015
2Thingwall7155Hoylake CentralAtLever Club
3Tixall7547Oxton ConsAtCammell Laird
4Ledsham Royal7533Sea DogAtThingwall

Round of 16 Round Held on Thu Apr 16th 2015
1Albany7241Bromborough Recs BAtHeswall Rbl
2Parkfield6243PensbyAtLever Club
3Hoylake Central6564Port Sunlight V&wAtCammell Laird
4Thingwall7548Bromborough PoolAtTixall
5Tixall7525Oxton Cons CAtThingwall
6Oxton Cons6857Lever ClubAtPensby
7Tixall B6046Sea DogAtGladstone
8Ledsham Royal6928Heswall Rbl BAtBromborough Pool

Round of 32 Round Held on Tue Apr 14th 2015
1Albany6038Bebington Park BAtLever Club
2Kendal6654Bromborough Recs BAtGladstone
3Pensby7353Neston AtHeswall Rbl
4Parkfield(+5)7149Arno ClAtBirkenhead Park No.6
5Pensby B5756Hoylake CentralAtOxton Conservative Club
6Port Sunlight V&w6261Kings 2000AtTixall
7Thingwall(+10)7455Bebington ParkAtCammell Laird
8Oxton Cons B6657Bromborough PoolAtThingwall No.2
9Albany B5958Oxton Cons CAtNeston
11Oxton Cons7528Bromborough RecsAtBebington Park
12Lever Club7236Cammell LairdsAtThingwall
13Tixall B7542Lever Club BAtBromborough Pool
14Sea Dog6351Tixall CAtBromborough Recs
15Ledsham Royal750Heswall RblAtKendal
16Heswall Rbl BBye