Bebington & District Bowling League 2019

George ONeill Trophy

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Final Round Held on Sat May 18th 2019

Semi Final Round Held on Sat May 18th 2019
2Thingwall(+20)7662Oxton Cons B(+5)AtAlbany

Quarters Round Held on Thu May 16th 2019
1Thingwall(+20)8468Bebington Park(+20)AtOxton Conservative Club

Quarters Round Held on Thu Apr 25th 2019
1Gladstone6157Lever Club(+5)AtPort Sunlight Village Upper
2Tixall7157Oxton Cons(+5)AtHeswall Rbl
3Oxton Cons B(+5)8073Heswall Rbl B(+25)AtLever Club

Round of 16 Round Held on Tue Apr 16th 2019
1Gladstone6853Ledsham Royal(-5)AtHeswall Rbl
2Lever Club(+5)8049Albany B(+20)AtTixall
3Tixall7252Cammell Lairds(+15)AtPort Sunlight Village & Works
4Oxton Cons(+5)8064Thingwall B(+30)AtPensby
5Oxton Cons B(+5)6849Arno Tixall(+10)AtBebington Park
6Heswall Rbl B(+25)9181Sea Dog(+25)AtOxton Conservative Club
7Bebington Park(+20)7871Pensby B(+15)AtAlbany
8Thingwall(+20)8361Port Sunlight V&w(+5)AtPensby

Round of 32 Round Held on Tue Apr 9th 2019
1Pensby B(+15)9020Neston (+20)AtPort Sunlight Upper
2Gladstone6866Parkfield(+5)AtBebington Park
3Albany B(+20)6863Heswall RblAtBromborough Recs
4Lever Club(+5)6556Kendal(+15)AtHeswall Rbl
6Cammell Lairds(+15)7464Tixall B(+10)AtOxton Conservative Club
7Thingwall B(+30)8888Port Sunlight VW B(+25)AtLever Club
8Oxton Cons(+5)6461Lever Club B(+10)AtParkfield
9Oxton Cons B(+5)8057Bromborough Recs B(+30)AtPensby
10Arno Tixall(+10)7568Royden Hall(+15)AtHoylake Central & Melrose
11Heswall Rbl B(+25)8574Bromborough Pool(+15)AtThingwall
12Sea Dog(+25)9281Pensby C(+30)AtPort Sunlight Village & Works
13Bebington Park(+20)8867Bromborough Recs(+15)AtTixall
14Ledsham Royal(-5)7049Oxton Cons C(+20)AtNeston
15Thingwall(+20)7573Albany(+10)AtBirkenhead Park No.6
16Port Sunlight V&w(+5)8062Hoylake Central & Melrose(+25)AtAlbany

Preliminary Round Held on Thu Apr 4th 2019