Mkt Drayton Bowling League 2016

Jim Swire Cup

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Final Round Held on Sat Sep 17th 2016
1Hanmer A9385Prees AAtAdderley

Semi Final Round Held on Wed Sep 14th 2016
1Hanmer A9769Malpas Spts AAtDistrict Back
2Prees A8683District AAtAudlem

Quarters Round Held on Wed Aug 31st 2016
1Malpas Spts A10186Prees B(+10)AtCon Club
2District A10582Audlem C(+20)AtPrees Big
3Hanmer A10569Ash A(+10)AtMalpas Spts
4Prees A9382Hanmer B(+25)AtTilstock

Round of 16 Round Held on Wed Aug 17th 2016
1District A10284Joules Mkt Drayton A(+15)AtWem
2Prees A9477Chester Rd AAtHodnet
3Prees B(+10)11589Bridgewater C(+25)AtHanmer
4Hanmer B(+25)10192Audlem AAtMalpas Fmrs
5Hanmer A10558Calverhall A(+10)AtCholmondeley
6Audlem C(+20)11899Wollerton A(+20)AtChilds Ercall
7Malpas Spts A9577A W C DAtAudlem
8Ash A(+10)11284Hodnet A(+10)AtA W C Big

Round of 32 Round Held on Wed Jul 20th 2016
1Bridgewater C(+25)12499Wem A(+15)AtMalpas Spts
2Hanmer B(+25)124116Victoria C(+30)AtAsh
3Ash A(+10)8474Victoria AAtCalverhall
4Prees A9479Bridgewater AAtChester Rd Ladies
5Prees B(+10)11573Wrenbury C(+25)AtWhixall
6Joules Mkt Drayton A(+15)9887Audlem B(+10)AtAdderley
7ByeA W C D  
8Chester Rd A10174Whixall A(+10)AtHanmer
9Malpas Spts ABye  
10Wollerton A(+20)Bye  
11Hanmer ABye  
12Audlem C(+20)Bye  
13Audlem ABye  
14District ABye  
15Hodnet A(+10)Bye  
16Calverhall A(+10)Bye  

Preliminary Round Held on Wed May 18th 2016
1Malpas Spts A10559Malpas Fmrs C(+25)AtMalpas
2Hanmer B(+25)12295Malpas Spts B(+15)AtPrees Small
3Ash A(+10)11599Nantwich Pk Rd B(+15)AtNorton In Hales
4ByePrees B(+10)  
5Wollerton A(+20)12595Cholmondeley C(+30)AtBridgewater Small
6Hanmer A10560Victoria B(+15)AtTilstock
7Audlem C(+20)11293District B(+10)AtAsh
8Joules Mkt Drayton A(+15)Bye  
9Audlem A9889Nantwich Pk Rd AAtWrenbury
10Whixall A(+10)10088Wrenbury A(+10)AtWem
11Audlem B(+10)10271Adderley BAtWollerton
12ByeWem A(+15)  

Preliminary Round Held on Wed May 4th 2016
1A W C D10585Adderley C(+20)AtCalverhall
2Prees A10557Tilstock B(+15)AtHodnet
3Victoria A10595Norton In Hales A(+15)AtAudlem
4Victoria C(+30)126113Tilstock A(+20)AtA W C Big
5Bridgewater C(+25)11098Malpas A(+10)AtCholmondeley
6ByeWrenbury C(+25)  
7Malpas Fmrs A(+10)10482Childs Ercall AAtChester Rd Mens
8District A10581Ash B(+20)AtMalpas Spts
9Hodnet A(+10)10875Norton In Hales B(+25)AtJoules Mkt Drayton
10Chester Rd A10577Nantwich Pk Rd D(+20)AtAdderley
11Bridgewater A10479Chester Rd B(+10)AtDistrict Front
12Calverhall A(+10)11566Whixall B(+15)AtMalpas Fmrs