Ellesmere Port Bowling League 2014

Midweek League KO

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Final Round Held on Wed Sep 10th 2014
1Ledsham208136Labour SocAtVAUXHALL

Semi Final Round Held on Wed Sep 3rd 2014
1Ledsham210107Little SuttonAtLEDSHAM
2Groves185182Labour SocAtGROVES

Semi Final Round Held on Wed Aug 27th 2014
1Ledsham198142Little SuttonAtLITTLE SUTTON
2Labour Soc166154GrovesAtLABOUR SO

Combined Result for Semi Final Round
Ledsham408349182Little Sutton
Labour Soc4383891010Groves

Round of 16 Round Held on Wed Apr 30th 2014
1Little Sutton179154Woodland AAtLITTLE SUTTON
3Groves SL183156Labour SocAtLABOUR SO
4Groves201157Little Sutton AAtGROVES

Round of 16 Round Held on Wed Apr 23rd 2014
1Woodland A158149Little SuttonAtWOODLAND
3Groves SL189138Labour SocAtGROVES SL
4Groves178166Little Sutton AAtLITTLE SUTTON

Combined Result for Round of 16 Round
Little Sutton4283521010Woodland A
Labour Soc384382713Groves SL
Groves429383128Little Sutton A

Round of 32 Round Held on Wed Apr 16th 2014
1Woodland A184136Avondale AAtWOODLAND
2Little Sutton174172Whitby BC AAtLITTLE SUTTON
3Ledsham181148Brom SocAtBROM SO
5Groves SL19391Brom Socl AAtGROVES SL
6ByeLabour Soc  
7Groves184154Whitby BCAtWHITBY
8ByeLittle Sutton A  

Round of 32 Round Held on Wed Apr 9th 2014
1Woodland A184128Avondale AAtAVONDALE
2Whitby BC A175139Little SuttonAtWHITBY
3Ledsham20890Brom SocAtLEDSHAM
5Groves SL199150Brom Socl AAtBROM SO
6ByeLabour Soc  
7Groves199140Whitby BCAtGROVES
8ByeLittle Sutton A  

Combined Result for Round of 32 Round
Woodland A388319146Avondale A
Little Sutton3633621010Whitby BC A
Ledsham389273164Brom Soc
Groves SL397301173Brom Socl A
Groves408334155Whitby BC