Ellesmere Port Bowling League 2015

Midweek League KO

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Final Round Held on Wed Oct 7th 2015

Semi Final Round Held on Wed Aug 12th 2015
1Ledsham195160Brom Soc(+30)AtMark Rake
2Groves(+35)213204Little Sutton(+40)AtLittle Sutton

Semi Final Round Held on Wed Jun 17th 2015
1Ledsham210125Brom Soc(+30)AtLedsham
2Groves(+35)229189Little Sutton(+40)AtGroves

Combined Result for Semi Final Round
Ledsham(0)405285182Brom Soc(30)
Groves(35)442393146Little Sutton(40)

Round of 16 Round Held on Wed Apr 22nd 2015
1Ledsham205144Whitby BC A(+20)AtLedsham
2Brom Soc(+30)212185Brom Soc A(+55)AtMark Rake
3Labour Soc(+45)240193Groves(+35)AtWhitby Park 1
4Little Sutton(+40)223214Whitby BC(+50)AtWhitby

Round of 16 Round Held on Wed Apr 15th 2015
1Ledsham187143Whitby BC A(+20)AtWhitby
2Brom Soc(+30)215199Brom Soc A(+55)AtMark Rake
3Groves(+35)242183Labour Soc(+45)AtGroves
4Little Sutton(+40)200197Whitby BC(+50)AtLittle Sutton

Combined Result for Round of 16 Round
Ledsham(0)392287173Whitby BC A(20)
Brom Soc(30)427384146Brom Soc A(55)
Groves(35)435423119Labour Soc(45)
Little Sutton(40)423411119Whitby BC(50)

Round of 32 Round Held on Wed Apr 8th 2015
5ByeLabour Soc(+45)  
7Little Sutton(+40)224175Little Sutton A(+25)AtLittle Sutton
8Whitby BC(+50)257180Avondale A(+60)AtWhitby Park 1

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Combined Result for Round of 32 Round