Market Drayton Seniors Bowling League 2014

Eric Dobson KO

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Semi Final Round Held on Thu Sep 11th 2014
1Adderley A8268Wem(+10)AtPrees
2Victoria A7154Ash AAtWollerton

Round of 16 Round Held on Thu Aug 14th 2014
1Wem(+10)7967Slaters B(+10)AtTilstock
2Adderley A8444Tilstock(+10)AtVictoria
3Ash A8458Mkt Drayton(+10)AtCalverhall
4Victoria A6968Norton in Hales AAtCheswardine

Round of 32 Round Held on Thu Jun 19th 2014
1Slaters B(+10)8450Calverhall BAtAdderley
2Wem(+10)9462Woore B(+10)AtCon Club
3Adderley A8460Con Club AAtWollerton
4Tilstock(+10)7566Prees(+10)AtWem (small)
5Mkt Drayton(+10)9173Wollerton(+10)AtVictoria
6Ash A8456Audlem AAtTilstock
7Norton in Hales A7962Norton in Hales B(+10)AtCalverhall
8Victoria A8459Ash B(+10)AtAudlem

Preliminary Round Held on Thu May 15th 2014
1Calverhall B7661Victoria B(+10)AtWollerton
2Slaters B(+10)8775Adderley BAtAudlem
3Cheswardine  Wem(+10)AtPrees
4Woore B(+10)8781Con Club B(+10)AtCheswardine
5Con Club A8264Slaters AAtVictoria
6Adderley A8450Woore AAtNorton in Hales
7Prees(+10)9463Victoria C(+10)AtTilstock
8Tilstock(+10)8774Audlem BAtAsh
9Nantwich Barony(+10)  Wollerton(+10)AtAdderley