Shrewsbury Senior Citizens Bowling League 2019


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Final Round Held on Mon Sep 9th 2019
1Pontesbury A10694OSBC AAtBicton

Semi Final Round Held on Mon Aug 19th 2019
1Battlefield A105106Pontesbury AAtBicton
2OSBC A11486Meole Brace AAtBicton

Quarters Round Round must be played on or before Mon Jul 22nd 2019
1Battlefield A12698Bayston Hill A(+12)AtBattlefield
2Llanymynech87130Pontesbury A(+12)AtLlanymynech
3OSBC ABye(+12)  
4Oswestry Church B111118Meole Brace A(+12)AtOswestry Church

Round of 16 Round Round must be played on or before Mon Jun 24th 2019
1Hadnall A109117Battlefield A(+12)AtHadnall
2Bicton A98107Bayston Hill A(+12)AtBicton
3Llanymynech12612Pontesbury B(+12)AtLlanymynech
4Craven Arms0138Pontesbury A(+12)AtCraven Arms
5Dorrington103105OSBC A(+12)AtDorrington
6Unison93109Albert Road A(+12)AtUnison
7Shelton A111127Meole Brace A(+12)AtShelton
8Oswestry Church A12192Telepost(+12)AtOswestry Church