Wrexham and District Bowling League 2016

W G Roberts

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Final Round Held on Fri Aug 19th 2016
1Pentre Broughton(+75)199198Gres Colliery AAtEsclusham No 1

Semi Final Round Held on Fri Jul 8th 2016
1Pentre Broughton(+75)257215Gres Vill B(+55)AtPonciau Park
2Gres Colliery A202154Johnstown B(+55)AtBrymbo

Quarters Round Held on Fri Jun 24th 2016
1Pentre Broughton(+75)246202Ponciau Park(+55)AtBrymbo
2Gres Vill B(+55)205202Esclusham BAtJohnstown No 1
3Johnstown B(+55)232226Esclusham C(+45)AtCunliffe No 1
4Gres Colliery A180170Cunliffe AAtGarden Village

Round of 32 Round Held on Fri May 6th 2016
1Ponciau Park(+55)222210Gard Village A(+45)AtCoedpoeth
2Pentre Broughton(+75)214202Esclusham AAtGres Colliery
3Esclusham B193170Bradley(+55)AtCunliffe No 1
4Gres Vill B(+55)237224Parciau A(+45)AtGate Hh No 1
5Esclusham C(+45)205180Llay A(+10)AtBradley
6Johnstown B(+55)197194Gres Vill AAtFarndon
7Cunliffe A210155Llay C(+75)AtParciau No 1
8Gres Colliery A210137Cunliffe B(+45)AtGres Viillage No 1

Preliminary Round Held on Fri Apr 22nd 2016
1Ponciau Park(+55)232212Coedpoeth(+45)AtGarden Village
2Gard Village A(+45)244216Brymbo B(+75)AtJohnstown No 1
3Pentre Broughton(+75)256203Ceiriog Valley(+45)AtPonciau Park
4Esclusham A186164Brymbo A(+45)AtPentre Broughton
5Bradley(+55)264187Esclusham D(+75)AtParciau No 1
6Esclusham B203174Llay B(+55)AtGate Hh No 1
7Gres Vill B(+55)218214Bersham A(+45)AtNew Broughton
8Parciau A(+45)Bye  
9Esclusham C(+45)247189Bersham B(+75)AtGres Viillage No 1