Wrexham and District Bowling League 2022

W G Roberts

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Final Round Held on Sat Aug 20th 2022
1Cunliffe A181159Llay AAtBrymbo

Semi Final Round Held on Fri Jul 1st 2022
1Cunliffe A201192Pentre Broughton A(+75)AtFarndon
2Llay A199181Gres Vill B(+55)AtGate Hh

Quarters Round Held on Fri Jun 17th 2022
1Cunliffe A207168Parciau A(+45)AtLlay No 2
2Pentre Broughton A(+75)285154Parciau B(+55)AtCunliffe No 1
3Gres Vill B(+55)222201Bradley A(+45)AtCoedpoeth
4Llay A189178Gard Village A(+10)AtBersham

Round of 16 Round Held on Fri May 20th 2022
1Cunliffe A195175Brymbo A(+45)AtPentre Broughton
2Parciau A(+45)Bye  
3Parciau B(+55)201192Llay B(+10)AtEsclusham No 1
4Pentre Broughton A(+75)262191Farndon A(+55)AtGres Colliery
5Gres Vill B(+55)221201Chirk AAA A(+10)AtGarden Village
6Bradley A(+45)186176Esclusham AAtBrymbo
7ByeLlay A  
8Gard Village A(+10)209192Bersham B(+55)AtCunliffe No 1

Preliminary Round Held on Fri May 13th 2022
1Cunliffe A188177Gres Vill AAtGarden Village

Preliminary Round Held on Fri May 6th 2022
2Brymbo A(+45)223206Ponciau Park(+55)AtBradley
3ByeBradley B(+75)  
4Parciau A(+45)229227Bersham A(+45)AtBrymbo