Aughton & District Senior Citizens Bowling League 2023

Aughton Vets League

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Team Averages for Victoria Park C (Division 2)
Non Qualifiers
111L Appleton32156366.67
229J Ashcroft161153032453.63
336D Barnes (D2)161062972493.00
448M Wardle14772612332.00
554H Preece (D2)14952422181.71
657I Kermode171073142911.35
761D Williams13672342201.08
871G Baker4226364-0.25
973M Bimpson1046176181-0.50
1077S Mo1376213226-1.00
1178N Barker1367213227-1.08
1283R Rimmer1358217234-1.31
13101P McCabe (D2)1358181221-3.08
14137N Williams61574121-7.83
15139M Barker11011137231-8.55
Wed 5th AprHAughton Institute B179149739
Wed 12th AprASandbrook Park150198282
Wed 19th AprAMCA Seniors1951267310
Wed 26th AprHNorthern Club2041409111
Wed 3rd MayAOrmskirk Academy145195282
Wed 10th MayHBotanic 179163648
Wed 17th MayAMaghull Vets1731587310
Wed 24th MayHMere Brow155195373
Wed 31st MayAOrmskirk BC124208282
Wed 7th JunAAughton Institute B2021337310
Wed 14th JunHSandbrook Park183155557
Wed 21st JunHMCA Seniors182128739
Wed 28th JunANorthern Club159178464
Wed 5th JulHOrmskirk Academy173179555
Wed 12th JulABotanic 144204282
Wed 19th JulHMaghull Vets174163648
Wed 26th JulAMere Brow164196373
Wed 2nd AugHOrmskirk BC117192282
  Played 18300230608694107
1st Half Results for Victoria Park C
Ashcroft J161118.9421-513-2121-2021-1320-2121-721-1121-1511-21
Barnes (D2) D161018.5621-1021-1421-021-2018-2111-2121-1221-1511-21
Kermode I171018.47 17-2121-1721-1710-2121-1521-1712-2121-20
Preece (D2) H14917.29 10-2121-1321-199-2121-15  8-21
Wardle M14718.64  16-21  12-2121-1321-1820-21
Mo S13716.3821-1621-1612-21 7-21 21-137-215-21
Williams D13618.0021-4  21-1121-1815-2121-1216-2121-20
Barker N13616.3820-2113-21 21-147-2121-1514-21 15-21
Rimmer R13516.69   21-1021-921-1921-1720-219-21
McCabe (D2) P13513.9221-1818-2121-521-6 21-88-2113-213-21
Bimpson M10417.6021-2015-21  19-21  15-21 
Appleton L3218.67 14-2121-8      
Baker G4215.7521-138-21 21-913-21    
Williams N7213.578-21 21-0   4-21  
Barker M11012.454-21 20-2115-21 15-21 9-21 
Over Walk300.00         
2nd Half Results for Victoria Park C
Ashcroft J161118.9421-1121-1021-1415-2113-21 21-1921-15 
Barnes (D2) D161018.5621-1121-2021-8 18-219-21 20-2121-13
Kermode I171018.4721-1721-321-320-2121-1817-2121-1717-2111-21
Preece (D2) H14917.2921-6 21-1321-1421-1118-2121-821-148-21
Wardle M14718.6419-2121-621-1121-1221-159-2118-2120-2121-11
Mo S13716.38 21-11 21-1921-14 21-1118-2117-21
Williams D13618.0021-817-2117-2112-21 17-21 14-21 
Barker N13616.3821-511-21  7-2121-1821-821-20 
Rimmer R13516.6919-21 21-118-2114-2115-21 11-2116-21
McCabe (D2) P13513.92 13-212-21 21-168-21  11-21
Bimpson M10417.6021-1218-2121-57-21 21-1818-21  
Appleton L3218.67   21-7     
Baker G4215.75         
Williams N7213.57  16-2113-21  21-16 12-21
Barker M11012.4517-2119-21  16-219-2112-211-21 
Over Walk300.00      0-21 0-21

Wed 2nd Aug

PosVictoria Park CScoreScoreOrmskirk BC
1R Rimmer1621D Croft
2I Kermode1121D Simmonds
3S Mo1721M Copeland
4M Wardle2111P Grimes
5D Barnes (d2)2113M Lea
6N Williams1221N Whitehurst
7P Mccabe (d2)1121N Slater
8H Preece (d2)821D Hulse
9Walk Over021R Lea
10Walk Over021J Leadbetter

Wed 26th Jul

PosMere BrowScoreScoreVictoria Park C
1P Rimmer2114D Williams
2D Johnson2120M Wardle
3V Taylor2021N Barker
4J Sutton2118S Mo
5M Huyton2117I Kermode
6G Edwards2120D Barnes (d2)
7A Owen211M Barker
8M Connington2111R Rimmer
9K Watkinson1421H Preece (d2)
10D Worral1521J Ashcroft

Wed 19th Jul

PosVictoria Park CScoreScoreMaghull Vets
1S Mo2111P Dempsey
2M Wardle1821S Doyle
3N Barker218C Roberts
4M Bimpson1821J Feeney
5N Williams2116N Burrows
6M Barker1221P Brennan
7I Kermode2117R Thornley
8H Preece (d2)218P Bennett
9J Ashcroft2119A Dutch
10Walk Over021J Bradley

Wed 12th Jul

PosBotanic ScoreScoreVictoria Park C
1D Doidge2117I Kermode
2T Mcgowan219M Wardle
3R Lomax1821M Bimpson
4A Muchall219M Barker
5H Chambers219D Barnes (d2)
6J Blundel1821N Barker
7P Banahan2115R Rimmer
8P Evans218P Mccabe (d2)
9R Simpson2117D Williams
10I Mckenzie2118H Preece (d2)

Wed 5th Jul

PosVictoria Park CScoreScoreOrmskirk Academy
1S Mo2114K Knaggs
2M Wardle2115I Prescot
3N Barker721G Lucy
4I Kermode2118P Birchall
5D Barnes (d2)1821P Unsworth
6M Barker1621A Bellis
7P Mccabe (d2)2116L Birchall
8R Rimmer1421F Houghton
9J Ashcroft1321E Duffy
10H Preece (d2)2111M Silvester

Wed 28th Jun

PosNorthern ClubScoreScoreVictoria Park C
1J Kenny1921S Mo
2T O'hanlon1221M Wardle
3B Billington217M Bimpson
4D Hackett2120I Kermode
5D Stanley218R Rimmer
6E Grady2112D Williams
7F Easton2113N Williams
8B Thomas721L Appleton
9R Grainger1421H Preece (d2)
10A Lewis2115J Ashcroft

Wed 21st Jun

PosVictoria Park CScoreScoreMCA Seniors
1P Mccabe (d2)221J Hampton
2M Wardle2111M Dolan
3M Bimpson215I Hill
4I Kermode213J Ackers
5D Barnes (d2)218M Lamond
6R Rimmer2111J Lammond
7D Williams1721R Holt
8H Preece (d2)2113T Wells
9J Ashcroft2114M Clarke
10N Williams1621R Dunscombe

Wed 14th Jun

PosVictoria Park CScoreScoreSandbrook Park
1S Mo2111D Osborne
2M Wardle216C Guizzetti
3N Barker1121T Mchale
4I Kermode213D Cole
5M Barker1921D Ogden
6D Barnes (d2)2120F Roberts
7D Williams1721M Ralph
8M Bimpson1821M Guizzetti
9P Mccabe (d2)1321R Woods
10J Ashcroft2110J Bardsley

Wed 7th Jun

PosAughton Institute BScoreScoreVictoria Park C
1S Balenski1221M Bimpson
2B Carr2119M Wardle
3S Porter521N Barker
4D Pulley2119R Rimmer
5D Temple1121D Barnes (d2)
6D Parkinson1721I Kermode
7D Stephenson2117M Barker
8M Berridge821D Williams
9I Mead1121J Ashcroft
10D Glennon621H Preece (d2)

Wed 31st May

PosOrmskirk BCScoreScoreVictoria Park C
1N Slater218H Preece (d2)
2D Hulse2111J Ashcroft
3P Grimes213P Mccabe (d2)
4N Whitehurst2021I Kermode
5M Lea219R Rimmer
6D Croft2111D Barnes (d2)
7R Lea2021D Williams
8D Simmonds2115N Barker
9M Roberts2120M Wardle
10J Leadbetter215S Mo

Wed 24th May

PosVictoria Park CScoreScoreMere Brow
1S Mo721W Frampton
2M Bimpson1521D Johnson
3M Wardle2118A Owen
4I Kermode1221J Sutton
5D Barnes (d2)2115M Huyton
6R Rimmer2021J Heaton
7M Barker921K Watkinson
8P Mccabe (d2)1321G Edwards
9D Williams1621P Rimmer
10J Ashcroft2115D Worral

Wed 17th May

PosMaghull VetsScoreScoreVictoria Park C
1J Bradley1321S Mo
2J Feeney1221D Barnes (d2)
3C Roberts1321M Wardle
4P Dempsey1221D Williams
5G Wainwright1721R Rimmer
6R Thornley1721I Kermode
7S Doyle2114N Barker
8P Bennett214N Williams
9P Brennan1121J Ashcroft
10A Dutch218P Mccabe (d2)

Wed 10th May

PosVictoria Park CScoreScoreBotanic
1H Preece (d2)2115A Muchall
2N Barker2115H Chambers
3I Kermode2115R Simpson
4D Barnes (d2)1121R Eckersley
5M Barker1521C Butler
6P Mccabe (d2)218T Mcgowan
7M Wardle1221R Lomax
8R Rimmer2119L Tobin
9J Ashcroft217D Doidge
10D Williams1521P Evans

Wed 3rd May

PosOrmskirk AcademyScoreScoreVictoria Park C
1A Bellis217S Mo
2J Draper2113G Baker
3F Houghton2110I Kermode
4C Hodge2118D Barnes (d2)
5G Lucy1821D Williams
6L Birchall2119M Bimpson
7S Brookfield217N Barker
8P Birchall921R Rimmer
9I Prescot2120J Ashcroft
10P Unsworth219H Preece (d2)

Wed 26th Apr

PosVictoria Park CScoreScoreNorthern Club
1H Preece (d2)2119D Hackett
2P Mccabe (d2)216B Thomas
3I Kermode2117A Lewis
4M Barker1521C Rice
5D Barnes (d2)2120E Grady
6G Baker219P Holis
7N Barker2114D Stanley
8R Rimmer2110R Snaylam
9J Ashcroft2113B Billington
10D Williams2111A Balmer

Wed 19th Apr

PosMCA SeniorsScoreScoreVictoria Park C
1J Hampton2112S Mo
2A Jones021D Barnes (d2)
3M Dolan821L Appleton
4J Ackers1321H Preece (d2)
5R Holt1721I Kermode
6M Lamond2120M Barker
7I Hill521P Mccabe (d2)
8J Lammond2116M Wardle
9T Wells2021J Ashcroft
10Walk Over021N Williams

Wed 12th Apr

PosSandbrook ParkScoreScoreVictoria Park C
1C Guizzetti1621S Mo
2D Osborne2110H Preece (d2)
3J Bardsley2113J Ashcroft
4R Woods1421D Barnes (d2)
5M Guizzetti2115M Bimpson
6F Roberts2118P Mccabe (d2)
7D Ogden2113N Barker
8M Ralph2117I Kermode
9T Mchale2114L Appleton
10D Pountney218G Baker

Wed 5th Apr

PosVictoria Park CScoreScoreAughton Institute B
1S Mo2116A Forrest
2N Barker2021B Carr
3G Baker2113I Mead
4D Barnes (d2)2110D Temple
5M Bimpson2120D Stephenson
6M Barker421P Edwards
7P Mccabe (d2)2118D Parkinson
8N Williams821B Devonald
9D Williams214D Pulley
10J Ashcroft215S Marsters