Aughton & District Senior Citizens Bowling League 2023

Aughton Vets League

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To qualify players must have played 11 games

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Team Averages for Victoria Park A (Division 1)
19I Goulding181803782238.61
213P Crummey171523482167.76
Non Qualifiers
325D Pilkinton7521441026.00
426S Goulding181443522475.83
528G Whittaker171163072195.18
643M McCormick12662211902.58
771F Douglas17710292296-0.24
872C Hughes1459241245-0.29
975M Ahmady1798278290-0.71
1076T Morrell1578232243-0.73
1177C Whittaker1578251262-0.73
12115H Preece (D1)3034963-4.67
13128J Stewart51471103-6.40
14140B Singleton2022442-9.00
15149M Tinsley3032763-12.00
Wed 5th AprHBurscough CC Vets130189373
Wed 12th AprAHesketh Kestrels1841667310
Wed 19th AprAOrms Coronation Pk169150649
Wed 26th AprHHesketh Hawks1921428210
Wed 3rd MayAFreshfield BC182176558
Wed 10th MayHAughton Institute A191145648
Wed 17th MayAZetland BC175178555
Wed 24th MayHCrossens BC2041289111
Wed 31st MayABurscough RBL158161555
Wed 7th JunABurscough CC Vets112200282
Wed 14th JunHHesketh Kestrels190148557
Wed 21st JunHOrms Coronation Pk195138739
Wed 28th JunAHesketh Hawks170166467
Wed 5th JulHFreshfield BC202162739
Wed 12th JulAAughton Institute A191148649
Wed 19th JulHZetland BC164171464
Wed 26th JulACrossens BC196137649
Wed 2nd AugHBurscough RBL2109910012
  Played 183215280410575137
1st Half Results for Victoria Park A
Goulding I181821.0021-1521-1721-1521-1021-1721-421-1821-1821-6
Crummey P171520.4721-1121-1321-2021-1821-1921-1021-921-14 
Goulding S181419.5621-1621-611-2121-1421-1521-921-821-811-21
Whittaker G171118.0611-2121-1521-521-1621-612-21 21-113-21
Ahmady M17916.357-2121-1614-2112-2121-1421-1921-18 12-21
Douglas F17717.189-2121-1713-2112-2120-2115-2111-2121-721-8
Whittaker C15716.73 21-195-2121-1819-2118-21 21-1 
Morrell T15715.475-2112-2121-1621-614-2121-53-21 21-20
McCormick M12618.42      20-2121-1921-5
Pilkinton D7520.57  21-721-419-2120-2121-2021-1221-17
Hughes C14517.2111-21 21-321-145-2121-1420-2121-1717-21
Stewart J5114.20        10-21
Preece (D1) H3016.33      16-2115-21 
Singleton B2012.009-2115-21       
Tinsley M309.0015-2110-21       
2nd Half Results for Victoria Park A
Goulding I181821.0021-2021-921-521-1621-1121-721-1321-721-15
Crummey P171520.4717-2121-221-1021-621-1421-1516-2121-921-4
Goulding S181419.5621-1221-1621-920-2116-2121-821-921-1921-14
Whittaker G171118.0615-2121-1116-2121-519-2121-621-721-421-7
Ahmady M17916.354-2116-2121-711-2121-1221-1213-2121-1021-14
Douglas F17717.18 16-2121-1512-2121-1821-1619-2118-2121-5
Whittaker C15716.733-2119-2121-1411-2121-179-2121-1620-2121-9
Morrell T15715.478-2116-2117-2121-13  10-2121-421-11
McCormick M12618.427-2121-521-1517-2121-818-2120-2113-2121-12
Pilkinton D7520.57         
Hughes C14517.2110-21 15-21 20-2119-21 19-2121-8
Stewart J5114.206-21  15-2121-1919-21   
Preece (D1) H3016.33 18-21       
Singleton B2012.00         
Tinsley M309.00      2-21  

Wed 2nd Aug

PosVictoria Park AScoreScoreBurscough RBL
1M Mccormick2112D Orme
2G Whittaker217B Key
3M Ahmady2114G Jones
4I Goulding2115F Johnson
5S Goulding2114D Barker
6C Whittaker219P Curl
7F Douglas215T Copeland
8T Morrell2111D Lee
9P Crummey214D Haskayne
10C Hughes218J Todd

Wed 26th Jul

PosCrossens BCScoreScoreVictoria Park A
1R Southern421G Whittaker
2K Holding2113M Mccormick
3G Heyes1021M Ahmady
4R Cropper2119C Hughes
5D Rimmer2118F Douglas
6N Mcdade421T Morrell
7S Mountford2120C Whittaker
8C Milnes1921S Goulding
9Stan Davies721I Goulding
10A Mountford921P Crummey

Wed 19th Jul

PosVictoria Park AScoreScoreZetland BC
1I Goulding2113S Kitchen
2P Crummey1621D Pritchard
3G Whittaker217S Crabtree
4M Mccormick2021R Walton
5C Whittaker2116T Wilkinson
6S Goulding219S Williams
7M Tinsley221J Turney
8F Douglas1921W Syme
9M Ahmady1321R Tweddell
10T Morrell1021D Mason

Wed 12th Jul

PosAughton Institute AScoreScoreVictoria Park A
1J Gray2118M Mccormick
2P Fitzpatrick821S Goulding
3G Hope721I Goulding
4G Lambert2119C Hughes
5G Richards219C Whittaker
6A Lambert2119J Stewart
7C Punshion1621F Douglas
8G Fitzpatrick621G Whittaker
9N Blakemore1221M Ahmady
10G Porter1521P Crummey

Wed 5th Jul

PosVictoria Park AScoreScoreFreshfield BC
1C Hughes2021N Aindow
2P Crummey2114K Sawbridge
3S Goulding1621H Moore
4M Ahmady2112A Hagan
5J Stewart2119P Roberts
6I Goulding2111P Heslin
7C Whittaker2117B Howard
8F Douglas2118J Bush
9M Mccormick218R Gilroy
10G Whittaker1921R Davis

Wed 28th Jun

PosHesketh HawksScoreScoreVictoria Park A
1D Bedford1321T Morrell
2J Townsend2111C Whittaker
3P Smith2117M Mccormick
4D Hart2120S Goulding
5G Hitchmough2115J Stewart
6T Corfield2112F Douglas
7B Bloor2111M Ahmady
8N Lewis1621I Goulding
9D H White521G Whittaker
10A Hatton621P Crummey

Wed 21st Jun

PosVictoria Park AScoreScoreOrms Coronation Pk
1C Whittaker2114A Pendleton
2F Douglas2115A Deary
3S Goulding219P Mercer
4P Crummey2110M Sheridan
5C Hughes1521G Bixter
6T Morrell1721J Makin
7G Whittaker1621D Ball
8I Goulding215P Ashcroft
9M Ahmady217N Knowles
10M Mccormick2115M Hurst

Wed 14th Jun

PosVictoria Park AScoreScoreHesketh Kestrels
1G Whittaker2111P Kitchen
2H Preece (d1)1821B Sutton
3M Ahmady1621P Croston
4F Douglas1621N Thompson
5C Whittaker1921E Turner
6I Goulding219A Lloyd
7S Goulding2116R Rawcliffe
8P Crummey212K Maiden
9T Morrell1621J Brown
10M Mccormick215M Burrill

Wed 7th Jun

PosBurscough CC VetsScoreScoreVictoria Park A
1R Atkinson2021I Goulding
2K Hastings2110C Hughes
3J Baker1221S Goulding
4P Greenwood217M Mccormick
5T Dickenson214M Ahmady
6G Taylor216J Stewart
7S Mcmannus213C Whittaker
8R Birchall2115G Whittaker
9W Taylor218T Morrell
10M Holden2117P Crummey

Wed 31st May

PosBurscough RBLScoreScoreVictoria Park A
1B Key1721D Pilkinton
2F Johnson2111S Goulding
3B East2112M Ahmady
4D Orme821F Douglas
5M Harvey521M Mccormick
6D Barker2117C Hughes
7T Copeland621I Goulding
8D Haskayne2110J Stewart
9D Lee2021T Morrell
10P Curl213G Whittaker

Wed 24th May

PosVictoria Park AScoreScoreCrossens BC
1I Goulding2118S Mountford
2F Douglas217G Heyes
3D Pilkinton2112J Hobson
4C Whittaker211N Mcdade
5H Preece (d1)1521B Wilson
6M Mccormick2119Sue Davies
7G Whittaker2111B Roberts
8P Crummey2114Stan Davies
9C Hughes2117R Southern
10S Goulding218D Rimmer

Wed 17th May

PosZetland BCScoreScoreVictoria Park A
1S Kitchen2111F Douglas
2D Pritchard2021D Pilkinton
3S Crabtree1821I Goulding
4T Wilkinson213T Morrell
5W Syme2120M Mccormick
6R Walton2120C Hughes
7J Turney1821M Ahmady
8R Tweddell821S Goulding
9L Southworth921P Crummey
10D Mason2116H Preece (d1)

Wed 10th May

PosVictoria Park AScoreScoreAughton Institute A
1M Ahmady2119G Richards
2D Pilkinton2021J Fielder
3S Goulding219G Hope
4G Whittaker1221G Porter
5F Douglas1521P Fitzpatrick
6C Whittaker1821C Punshion
7C Hughes2114G Barker
8P Crummey2110D Bache
9T Morrell215G Fitzpatrick
10I Goulding214N Blakemore

Wed 3rd May

PosFreshfield BCScoreScoreVictoria Park A
1N Aindow621G Whittaker
2M Truman1721I Goulding
3W Howard2120F Douglas
4K Sawbridge2119D Pilkinton
5P Roberts215C Hughes
6P Heslin1521S Goulding
7T Whalley2119C Whittaker
8H Moore2114T Morrell
9B Howard1421M Ahmady
10R Davis1921P Crummey

Wed 26th Apr

PosVictoria Park AScoreScoreHesketh Hawks
1M Ahmady1221A Hatton
2D Pilkinton214D Hart
3S Goulding2114N Lewis
4G Whittaker2116D Bedford
5F Douglas1221J Howard
6C Whittaker2118J Townsend
7P Crummey2118B Bloor
8T Morrell216G Hitchmough
9I Goulding2110D H White
10C Hughes2114P Smith

Wed 19th Apr

PosOrms Coronation PkScoreScoreVictoria Park A
1P Mercer721D Pilkinton
2J Makin2111S Goulding
3A Deary215C Whittaker
4P Ashcroft321C Hughes
5D Ball2114M Ahmady
6M Sheridan521G Whittaker
7N Knowles1521I Goulding
8A Pendleton2113F Douglas
9G Bixter2021P Crummey
10S Moss1621T Morrell

Wed 12th Apr

PosHesketh KestrelsScoreScoreVictoria Park A
1J Brown621S Goulding
2K Maiden2115B Singleton
3N Thompson1721I Goulding
4R Rawcliffe1621M Ahmady
5E Turner2110M Tinsley
6B Mcgreavy1921C Whittaker
7P Kitchen1721F Douglas
8P Mcarthur1521G Whittaker
9B Lowe2112T Morrell
10B Sutton1321P Crummey

Wed 5th Apr

PosVictoria Park AScoreScoreBurscough CC Vets
1T Morrell521J Baker
2F Douglas921R Atkinson
3M Tinsley1521K Hastings
4P Crummey2111B Williams
5B Singleton921T Dickenson
6I Goulding2115G James
7S Goulding2116W Taylor
8G Whittaker1121R Birchall
9M Ahmady721M Holden
10C Hughes1121S Mcmannus