Mkt Drayton Bowling League 2024

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The Act Position is based on average points to reflect true position when there are matches not played

Table for Division 5
Position GamesAggregateDedAverages
11Calverhall B10100210115+952100210
22Bridgewater D1091209111+982090209
33Malpas Fmrs C1091205112+932050205
44Joules M D B1073200153+472000200
55Nantwich Pk Rd C1064195164+310195195
66Chester Rd D1046164195-311640164
77Prees C1037153200-470153153
88District D10010115210-950115115
99Audlem D1019112205-930112112
1010Tilstock C1019111209-980111111
1111Whixall C000000000