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Wrexham and District Bowling League 2023



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Annual General Meeting to be held at Gresford
Colliery Sports and Social Club on:-


Monday December
11th  2023 at 7.00pm.









The management proposal for the structure of the league
to accomodate League cup (Saturday's) and WG Roberts cup games (Monday Nights) within the Saturday and Pairs League was passed.

There will be no League fixtures on these days


The Semi Final's and Finals will be at the end of the season on a Saturday for the League Cups and Monday's for the WG Roberts Cup


The idea of this change is to encourage more teams to enter these cups and avoid drop outs once the draws have been made.


Rule 13e, was amended to allow 21 days to re-arrange a posponed game.


Match fees increased to £1.50 for premier division matches and to £1 per player for all other divisions (rule 22a) 

Prize money will be increased and paid down the league the same as the premier division has been for some years, pairs league remains the same.


Where neutral greens are selected for cup games two players from the clubs involved are allowed to play there in each team regardless of whether they play for that club in another league, this rule has been introduced because of the increased difficulty in finding neutral greens.

There isn't actually a rule to prevent this, it was just passed down as given, probably because it was rarely needed years ago as most players played for just the one club.













Something "interesting" (a clue to the author!) to read below



The History of Crown Green Bowls in Wrexham featuring Esclusham B.C.












Burton Cup



The Burton cup was the second most prestigious cup in Wales after the Welsh Senior Merit and has been played for since 1930 all be it there are some gaps in the records, it is not known whether it was played for in those years or the cup just wasn't engraved, if anyone has any knowledge of those years please let us know, the new tab for the winners is on the left hand side at the bottom.








 For your interest Allan Taylor who plays for Ruabon and has been involved with bowls for many years has taken over Charisma Trophies in Yorke Streeet in Wrexham, and has subsequently introduced Crown Green Bowls and bowling accessories to the existing range of products and services already provided.





The telephone number for Charisma is  01978 363262 or email-sales@charismatrophiesltd.com.      Charisma Trophies Web Site