Market Drayton Seniors Bowling League 2024

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The Act Position is based on average points to reflect true position when there are matches not played

Table for Division 1
Position GamesAggregateDedAverages
11Adderley A16142330176+154164166165
39Adderley B16610245279-3496149123
413Prees A16511220297-7714080110
52Woore A853147109+381470147
63Audlem A853143118+251430143
74Victoria A844136117+190136136
85Wem A844135133+20135135
96Joules MD844133135-21330133
107Norton In Hales A853130116+141300130
1110Audlem B835118143-250118118
1312Ash 835116130-140116116
1414Tilstock A835109147-380109109