Ellesmere Port Bowling League 2024


 Allen Jones Tony Edwards Mark Jones Phil Flinn Paul Lewis

Ellesmere Port & Neston Bowling League


Midweek, Friday & Veterans leagues


Objectives of the League


To provide an efficient organisation for competitive and social bowling in the area.

To spread the knowledge of bowling and generally promote the interests of the game.

The Veterans league was introduced to encourage bowlers over 55 years of age to play the game.


Rules & Regulations


As of 17th January 2024


1. Name & Affiliation


The name of the league shall be “The Ellesmere Port & Neston Bowling League”, hereinafter referred to as “The League”.

The League shall be affiliated to the Cheshire County Crown Green Bowling Association and the British CGBA.


2. Membership


2.1 Open to Clubs in Ellesmere Port and the surrounding areas.

2.2 Applications for membership should be made to the League Secretary in writing, (email is acceptable). Applications should include secretary/captains contact details and the location of the green and should reach the secretary prior to the League’s Annual General Meeting. (Contact Secretary for dates)

2.3 Teams intending to resign membership must notify the League Secretary not later than 31st December. Failure to comply with this rule renders the Club concerned liable for all fees in respect of the following season.

2.4 If during the seasons play, any club withdraws a team from a league, that teams matches, played and not played, shall be automatically expunged and all monies already paid to the league will be forfeited.


3. Management


3.1 The Officers of the League, President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, and will form the League Executive.

3.2 The League Executive shall be responsible for the day to day running of the League.

3.3 A Management Committee, consisting of the Officers of the League and one representative from each club, shall govern the league in accordance with these rules.

3.4 The Management Committee shall meet at the discretion of the League Executive.

3.5 The Management Committee will require a quorum of 10 members. In the event of any item being equal, the item shall be considered not carried. Clubs with more than one team, will be permitted one vote per team.

3.6 The Management Committee shall also have power to deal with matters not covered by these rules.


4. Meetings


The Annual General Meeting of the League shall take place each year in January. The meeting will be for the following purposes:

4.1 To accept nominations for membership.

4.2 To decide on the constitution of the League for the following season.

4.3 To receive and adopt reports from the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the League for the season which has just ended.

4.4 To elect officers of the League in accordance with Rule 3.1

4.5 To appoint auditors.

4.6 To take care of any other business which may be brought before it.

4.7 The date of the next meeting should be set at each AGM.

4.8 At the AGM each club shall be entitled to be represented by two of its members, each with voting powers. If only one representative is present he/she shall have two votes.

4.9 Any club failing to be represented at the AGM or any other meeting called by The League, will be fined in accordance with Rule 5.14

4.10 Any club may send a requisition in writing, accompanied by a fee of £10, to the League Secretary, to call a meeting of the Management Committee. The League Executive shall meet to decide if it necessary to call a special meeting of the Management Committee.

4.11 The delegate of the teams concerned in a protest shall not sit in judgement while the matter is being discussed, except for giving evidence to the Management Committee, if so requested.

4.12 The fee may be returned at the discretion of the Management Committee.

4.13 At Management Committee Meetings, voting will be by “Voting card” only. Voting will be restricted to one vote per team and one vote for each member of the League Executive. The Chairman shall have a second or casting vote to be used in cases where the voting is declared equal. If a club has a team in the Midweek League & a team in the Friday League, and a team in the Veterans League, that equals three votes. Notwithstanding anything in this rule, no club shall be permitted to cast more than 4 votes for any given motion.

4.14 No alteration or amendment shall be made to the League rules except at the AGM.

4.15 Proposed alterations are to be submitted to the League Secretary, not later than a date stipulated by the Secretary, annually.

4.16 All Clubs must abide by the rules but have the right to appeal to the Cheshire County Crown Green Bowling Association.


5. Finance


5.1 The Annual subscription shall be £3.00 per team.

5.2 Any number of club members can be registered at a fee of £1.00 per person (incl Vets)

5.3 Each team shall be debited 20p per player for each singles and doubles game played, per match (Merit Money) for each Midweek, Friday and Vets League game played.

5.4 Transfer fee is 50p per player.

5.5 All accounts submitted to clubs, including annual subscriptions, league fees, registration fees and fines should be paid within 14 days of receipt. Failure to do so will result in a fine according to rule 5.14

5.6 The League Executive shall meet, prior to the AGM to confirm the allocation of team prize awards.

5.7 The amount of prizes to be distributed at the end of the season shall not exceed the amount from the seasons workings.

5.8 The League Executive shall be allowed to allocate funds from the bank balance to augment special events.

5.9 The funds of the League shall be lodged with Virgin Money in the name of the League.

5.10 The financial year ends 31st October, the Treasurer shall ensure that proper accounts of league funds are kept.

5.11 The auditors appointed and submitted to the AGM shall audit the accounts at least once a year.

5.12 £100 to be set aside each year, to a maximum of £500 for the repair or replacement of existing trophies.

5.13 Clubs have agreed that each registered member will donate 10p person to Claire House Hospice and Ellesmere Port League of Friends.

5.14 Fines/Fees


Late payment of accounts - per week or part thereof - £1.00

Non attendance at meetings from AGM 2020 onwards - £5.00

Playing unregistered player - £2.00

Transfer - 50p

Player short, per player - to be credited to opposing teams account - £1.00

Failing to fulfil a fixture incl’ failing to appear for a fixture - up to - £25.00


5.15 The league prize money to be shared between the first eight (8) teams in all divisions of ten teams or more in the Evening Leagues. The percentage split to be 1st 25%, 2nd 20%, 3rd 15%, 4th 12.5%, 5th 10%, 6th 7.5 %, 7th & 8th 5% each. Divisions of less than ten teams, the split shall be between the top 4 teams 40%, 25%, 20%, 15%. The league prize money in the Veterans League shall be shared between the first five (5) teams in all divisions of ten teams or more. The percentage split to be 30%, 25%, 20%, 15%, 10%. Divisions of less than ten teams, the split shall be between the top 4 teams 40%, 25%, 20%, 15%. 


6. Registration


6.1 Team registrations should be submitted to and held by the League Secretary by the first match of each season.

6.2 All players must have BCGBA & Cheshire County life membership cards.

6.3 New team members must be notified to the League Secretary, in writing, prior to them playing.

6.4 If a player is also registered for a different team the following season, he stays with the first team that he plays for.

6.5 Players shall only be allowed to compete for one team in the Midweek league, one team in the Friday league and one team in the Veterans league, unless a valid transfer has been completed.

6.6 Transfers to be agreed between club secretaries, and approved by the League Executive. Details submitted to League Secretary and relevant fee charged to the receiving teams account. Players will not be permitted to move back & forth between teams/clubs, as this is not within the spirit of the game.

6.7 The penalty for playing unregistered player, all points scored will be deducted and the game awarded to the opponent. A fine will be imposed under rule 5.14.

6.8 A player, having played for a Club  and who wishes to cancel their registration or transfer to another Club, may do so provided they notify their

Club,in writing, on or before December 1st of each year and that their resignation is accepted by the said Club and all financial dues have been paid. (Added at 2016 AGM)


7. The League


The League shall comprise of the below divisions, playing for the nominated trophy.

Veterans Division One - Veterans Division One Shield

Veterans Division Two - Veterans Division Two Shield

Veterans Division Three - Veterans Division Three Shield

League Merit - W. Thomas Cup

Pioneer Cup - Pioneer Cup


7.1 All clubs and individuals receiving trophies cannot win them outright. Trophies must be returned to the League Secretary by mid September. Holders will be responsible for any damage whilst in their possession.

7.2 Matches should be played on the date specified on the Results Website, unless the green is declared unfit by the home team captain. In cases of illness or other unforeseen circumstances the League Secretary should be contacted.

7.2.1 This date may be altered if agreed mutually by captains, at least Seven days prior to the date of the original fixture. The League Secretary should be informed as soon as possible.

7.3 Midweek and Friday games will commence at 6.30pm except in April, August and September, when they will commence at 6.00pm. Veterans games will commence at 1pm. (From AGM 2015)

7.4 Visiting teams will be allowed to practice on the green for the last 15 minutes before play commences. There is no restriction on home team players practice, up to the above time.

7.4.1 No practice for visiting team members in the 12 hours preceding a league match. With the exception of any play in other league fixtures or competitions., except for 15 minutes before play (rule 7.4)

7.4.2 Four jacks should be on the green when possible, except in the Veterans League, were three jacks are used. Play should be continuous.

7.4.3 Midweek league teams to consist of a minimum of six team members, league matches will be six singles games 21 up and then three pairs games of 15 up.

7.4.4 Friday league teams to consist of a minimum of six team members, league matches will be six singles games, 21 up and then three pairs games, 15 up.

7.5 The Veterans team to consist of a minimum of six team members, league matches will be six singles games, 21 up and then three pairs games,15 up.

7.5.1 A Veterans team member is allowed to play one singles game and one pairs game per match.

7.6 Any team not having sufficient players to keep the green fully occupied during the match, in accordance with rule 7.4.2, shall on the claim of the opposing captain forfeit 21 points for each absent player. The team will be fined in accordance with rule 5.14. Unless rule 7.8 applies, in which case that rule will be applied solely.

7.7 Matches which are abandoned, shall resume at the point which they were abandoned. Scores from completed games will stand. Unfinished games should resume from the point, where they were abandoned.

7.7.1 If one or both players in any game are unavailable on the re-arranged date, substitutes will be permitted. The scores and position of commencement as above, will apply.

7.8 A team will fail to fulfil a fixture if less than half the games in a match are completed or a team fails to appear, and shall be fined in accordance with rule 5.14 and deducted 10 match points. See also rule 7.6 above.

7.9 The home captain will enter the match result onto the results website, or arrangements made with opposing captain. Problems with the website should be reported to the secretary as soon as possible.

7.10 The draw. To commence, the home captain will place four cards with players names written on them, face down on the table. The visiting captain will then place his four cards with players names, on top of the home teams cards. All ten games will be drawn by this procedure.

7.11 Veterans draw to take place in two separate parts

7.12 The visiting captain shall have choice of order of play.

7.13 Midweek league, Friday league and Veterans League matches, one point awarded for each game won plus two points awarded for a team aggregate win, one point awarded to each team in the event of an aggregate draw.

7.14 All games to be played. In the event of any fixture not being fulfilled The League have the power to determine appropriate sanctions to be imposed, this could include a fine, points deduction and possible exclusion from the league. In the event of a match still not being played the innocent party should be awarded their average team points (away or home) as their match score. In other words if a team is averaging five points per home game then that is what is awarded. These points to be determined at the end of the season when all the results are available for consideration.

7.15 The team gaining the most points at the end of the season shall decide the League winners. If points are the same, the aggregate points difference will apply.

7.16 The winner of the division to be promoted and the bottom team to be relegated. Applies to leagues with less than 18 teams. Over 18 teams 2 up and 2 down. Subject to equalisation of divisions.


8. Individual Competitions


8.1 The Pioneer Cup & League Merit are the only League individual competitions. Both are restricted to League registered players. Only bowlers who have played in the league will be admitted. Account will be taken of the current and preceding season.

8.2 League Merit. All teams in the vets, midweek and Friday leagues are entitled to send one entry per team. Ideally teams will be represented by their leading average player, as per league website. If that player is unable or unwilling to play a substitute will be permitted, all teams will be levied £3 each season as entry fee for entrants entitled to represent their team.

8.3 The entry fee for the pioneer cup shall be set by the league committee and reviewed annually.

8.4 The secretary will keep a record of all handicaps, and this record shall be the only one referred to when future revisions are made.

8.5 The League Executive will decide on the date a competition is drawn, dependent on the number of entries.

8.6 Where a player is entering a handicapped competition and his handicap is not recorded, it will be set as 5.

8.7 Any player winning a handicap competition shall have 3 points deducted from their handicap and the runner up shall have 2 points deducted.

8.8 The maximum a handicap can be reduced to is SCRATCH.

8.9 To gain points back on individual handicaps, players must compete in the same competition and is not winner or runner up. The following season one point will be added to the handicap, which shall not exceed 5.

8.10 No further entries will be accepted after the closing date.